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but you know youve always got your hand. Do NOT feel obligated to hook-up ever. That said, not just anyone will agree to host you. FOR THE people WHO ARE interested. Think: What Do You Have to Offer? Getting in touch with locals doesnt only mean a free bed for the night, but also an insiders perspective on a new place and some company on the road.

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The community pages are handy for getting real-time information about upcoming destinations. We havent even met yet When you ask to stay somewhere, make sure you have a leaving date. Personalise Your Requests, am travelling in place, looking for a place to stay on this day, you look really cool, hope we can meet each other. Couchsurfing may be a way to find accommodation for free but its not a way to house the homeless. A day out with our Couchsurfing host family in Poland. Yes, there are people who enjoy the mystery, but if you want to avoid a potentially dangerous physical, legal, emotional situation, it fits you best to be communicative. Grocery shopping and cooking meals at home are cheaper and healthier than eating out in restaurants every day as travelers often. Be a good couchsurfer by getting to know your host; plan to spend a little time with them rather than just turning up when it is time to sleep. Choose People Who You Want To Stay With. The newly resurrected m site now has a community of millions; lasting friendships and great experiences are formed there every day.