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Reading Below. This would alienate those and others. Do not write that you are interesting in blond fit women and if she has dark hair, but still cute, you can think. Finally, how to create a mesmerizing profile. You're not "fun." You "like hiking, cocktail testing, and traveling overseas." (If this seems obvious, it's not: So many profiles are crazy-vagueand guys gloss right over them and move.). Two adjectives you might use to describe your physical characteristics? What kind of profile would you like to create? And nix the numbers; they make you look uncreative.

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What skills do you have? Do not write what you are looking for a person who will amuse you (it shows your depression). It is better to say that you are an artist or a musician. You're likely making some common mistakes, says online dating coach Laurie Davis, the author of Love @ First Click. Are you trying to find a man or woman of your dreams? Post four to six photos total, including a full-length one and an action shot. Not That: Avoid describing yourself generically. Running, reading what is your job? Optional, want to know when our app and card game go live? Not That: Don't be negative and list the qualities you're not interested. And if you can, wear red: One study found that men find women more desirable in this color.

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