hdmi hookup to tv

key P, the three choices mentioned in the article will appear on screen. Question How do I get sound when I hook my computer to my TV? At this point, the method for enabling the TV display will vary from system to system. This is normal; to see those items on the laptop screen again, disconnect the. This will depend on whether your TV is a standard-definition or high-definition. Unfortunately, it will not be possible, as you need to have a cable of sorts to connect the devices. If you are attempting to connect a MacBook to your TV, check out this guide.

Hdmi hookup to tv
hdmi hookup to tv

If your laptop's output port is the same kind as your TV's input port, get a cable with the same kind of connector on each end. Begin dating a huge stud sex story by measuring the distance from your components to your AV receiver (or TV if you dont have an AV receiver). Some will show the image on the TV immediately, or will have both screens enabled. Some PC's will automatically disable things when you connect to another device. Obtain an audio cable if necessary. The display will not be as sharp as through your PC's regular monitor, however. Blu-ray disc player/Satellite or cable TV receiver. Question, i connected my DVR and TV using a component cable as shown in Method 3, and there's picture but no sound. If you connect your laptop to your TV via hdmi, you will not need a separate audio cable as hdmi carries audio signal as well as video signal.

TV /Monitor, Portable Size) by asonrl. Free Shipping on eligible orders. How to Connect a PC. I have a cpu with a graphic card which has a vga output and my tv has a hdmi input.

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