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verb past tense took (tuk) : past participle taken. Administrative Law Judges, the Office of Administrative Law Judges is composed of judges who preside over hearings and issue decisions. The filming of a single scene in a cinema film. To admit that what one has said is not true.

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Meeting my old friends took me back to my childhood. I didn't take in what he said. Is more debt than ever in the global financial system. He was very taken with the village.

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Take back what you said about my sister! Strategic Planning Policy, office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis works with the Chairman, Commissioners, Bureaus, and Offices to develop strategic plans, identify agencys policy objectives, and provide research, advice, and analysis of advanced, novel, and non-traditional communications issues. He retired last year, and I took over (his job) from him. How long does it take you to go home?; It takes time to do a difficult job like this. I'm taking the next train to London; I took a taxi. Someone's taken my coat; He took all my money. ( often with away, from, off ) to make less or smaller by a certain amount. I won't take up much of your time. ; I'm afraid we can't take back goods bought in a sale. Watch our collection of videos featuring perspectives from CEOs, leading industry experts, and authors. And workers will need to be managed to maximize the benefits.