portable ice maker with water hookup

Capacity. Ease of usage These type of portable ice makers are known to be elderly as well as kids friendly. This shiny stainless steel ice maker from Magic Chef has a sleek design and small footprint. Preparing ice cubes at ease With the aid of this professional ice maker, you will be able to prepare ice within the time duration of six minutes. You will be able to prepare ice of top quality with the aid of this product. Subscribe to our Knowledge Base! It lacks a drain feature.

The nugget ice cubes will be melting slowly within the ice storage bin. Instead of buying bags of ice or struggling to lug an entire cooler around, just pull this compact appliance out and add water. You can clean the product with the aid of vinegar or your preferred dishwasher soap. This ice maker does have a larger size than other ice makers with similar capacities. This ice maker stands out of the ordinary in the preparation of ice in less than 6 minutes. You can leave it plugged in to have an endless supply of ice anywhere you. A portable ice maker is a sure bet solution that will make great, refreshing ice anytime you need it!