computer hookup

with square holes, this is a DVI port. If you have the correct cables and a functioning computer/TV, it should hook up without a problem.

Computer hookup
computer hookup

Use the cable that came with your computer or power supply, and plug it into a three-pronged outlet.
Hook up a, computer.
Today s laptops and desktop computers are more user-friendly.

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You will select "hdmi" or "Video Port" to activate the computer connection. Usually, you will not need an adapter, unless you do not have a hdmi port in your laptop. If you have an Apple computer, you can order an adapter to hook up to the DVI port, USB port, Firewire or Thunderbolt ports and the video cable. Having well-organized cables will reduce the amount of dust that gets captured, and makes it easier to keep clean. These plugs are color coded; the keyboard plugs into the purple socket, and the mouse plugs into the green socket on the back of the computer. A DVI port will often connect using a cable that has a mini-DVI port on the other end. If your monitor is connected via hdmi, the sound will be transferred through the hdmi cable as well. Question I've got my computer hooked up but the speakers aren't working. If the VGA port is only available on 1 end, use a VGA to USB/mini-DVI cable adapter to connect the computer to the VGA cable. Question What does the printer cord connect to? The pins in the connector are probably broken, so the hookup kristen ashley epub bud you will need to buy a new keyboard if the cord is inseparable from the keyboard. You may also have an S-port option, with the small round port.

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