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camping adventure into the African wilderness, including in a nature reserve saffa lit. "flat land refers to a rural area, country (as in living in the country, as opposed to living in the city). "a noisey pony refers to a scooter motorcycle, because a full-size motorcycle is often referred to as an "ysterperd" (iron horse considering a pony is much smaller than a horse. "Did you see her oufit? Julle was nou-net in a goeie bui gewees?

Also see "naai" Nick steeked me stukkend. 1 Example : Dis warm vandag. "there is no fault" duidelik direct from Afrikaans, meaning "clear used to express clarity on something or excitement about something. Mmchakawally cigarettes mugwaai cigarette entjie cigarette Gebruiker cigarette mielie millet corn ( AmE ) / maize ( BrE staple diet. Literal English translation will align it with "-ness" (a.i. slaan wear (as in clothes ex "He is ge(prefix) slat(slaan) clothingwise meaning "He's dressed well" Vrou my wife, as in 'Ek s, I must first ask my Vrou from the Afrikaans word for 'wife woman". "sucking a dent in my skull". Braaivleis same as braai braaibroodjies toasted sandwiches that are grilled over an open flame on a braai.

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