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adopt safety measures among the project team members and contractors. Hydrostatic testing uses liquid media under pressure to test the structural integrity of weld joints and piping spools, while leak testing uses gas or service media, at or close to the maximum working pressure of the system, to serve as a final confirmation that the. When using N2/He mixture media, a mass spectrometer (calibrated for He) is used to measure the quantifiable leak rate. Potable water, firewater, open drains, instrument/utility air, etc.). The gross-air leak test allows personnel to locate and repair gross leaks within the system before introducing other testing media at higher pressures, reducing wasted testing media. Good knowledge on operations and maintenance of pumping systems, air-compressors, air-dryers, vacuum pumps, calorifiers, Chillers, Air-Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Precision Air-Conditioners, heat exchangers, pressurization systems, water filtration systems, water tanks, grease recovery system, mechanical and electrical hoists and fire systems such as sprinklers, hose. Coordinates documentation, testing, and training efforts related to project plan. Hydrocarbon Systems, the availability and inert properties of N2 have made it the industry standard when testing hydrocarbon systems. Temporary PSVs must be used if no PSVs are available within testing limits, or if the Operator does not want them used during testing. Once the system is pressurized to the test pressure, the flanges are wrapped with plastic wrap.

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Auto Cad, PRO-E, MS Office). Responsible for implementation on various types of improvement works. Minimum of 8 years working experience in local sex in assam hvac, Mechanical and Plumbing systems. Over-Pressure Protection and Isolation, within each test package, it is beneficial to utilize the system pressure safety valves (PSVs) when available. Acceptable leak rates are generally less than or equal to 150 scf/yr per flange in open areas, while enclosed areas are less than or equal to 20 scf/yr per flange with an average system leak rate of less than or equal to 5 scf/yr over the. Similar to using an oxygen detector, the system is pressurized to the test pressure and flanges are wrapped in plastic wrap. A soapy solution is typically used for both air and N2 leak detection.

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