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Getting closer to Christie, Adria tells her that no one will columbia ky looking for sex find out. Christie's dressed in a drool-inducing maid's outfit, so it's no surprise when Sarah introduces her to Adria as their new maid. And if Christie can't eat her pussy, she's not going to let Sarah eat it anymore either.

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In the free adult dating india bedroom, Christie is back on the job, smoothing out the bedsheets, when Adria, wearing a cute little dress, comes in and hops up onto the bed. When she's done with her phone call, Adria settles in for a snack, while Sarah gets a snack of her own, hungrily munching on Adria's pussy again. Christie enthusiastically accepts the invitation. She's seen how Christie looks at her around the house. Adria pressed with the new hire and smiles seductively at Christie, who smiles flirtatiously back. Christie bites her lip. Sarah doesn't want to lose her meal ticket to Adria's juicy box, so she gives in, calling Christie back into the room. Christie hesitates, telling Adria that she doesn't want to lose her job. 'This is mine!' Sarah says, throwing her daughter's legs open wide. Read the rest of this entry. 'Making new friends?' she asks Adria, who is still lying on the bed. But she likes it when Christie eats her pussy, Adria whines.

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