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time no shorter than one month is about all any one can be expected to honor in a pool of such limited resources. The Red Door has a style I havent seen in any other bar, says Atkins of the midtown mainstay. However, they may still make out or do some drugs with you, so go and listen to their shitty demos just in case.

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It has a complete rundown of the different music at clubs, their hours, cover charges and drink prices, and everything else you could ever need or want to know. The Green Hour is known for its traditional absinthe drips, which are only available when the green light is on: Thursdays from.m. If youre one of those people, use your love of volunteering to also bring you together with those who are like-minded. The huge room is filled with mismatched Victorian-inspired couches and chairs that beg for lounging, the walls covered with antique black-and-white photos showcasing scenes of Nashville past. This is Part Two in a five-part series. The packed dance floor has all the visual jumble of a candy store everything from Mohawks to overalls, sequins to denim, T-shirts to fur and the crowd is gyrating as one to the insistent blues-funk of local favorite. Team Green Adventures can help you take that step! Across the river and under your nose, there's a sect of night culture, the intricacies of which you know well if you've ever traversed them. (Some members of the crowd do, but the musicians take it all in stride.) As much as we enjoy feeling like were still in college, Atkins is now tempting us with tales of the. Tootsies, a giant purple monster of a bar at Fifth and Broadway.

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